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Teaching Statement: About

Teaching Statement

Teaching music is my life goal. Constantly worked with many students of different ages and various levels, I designed specific teaching plans for each of my students and inspired them to dig more. I discovered each student's music potential, as well as guided them through every step of the musical journey. With a teacher's certificate, I know how to teach students with different learning styles and in varies way. I encourage my students to come up with their own ideas and build up some simple compositions and improvisations. My goal is to have my students play music in a very relaxed way and in front of family and friends. I hope my students will fall in love with music through my class, and make music serve as an important channel in their lives.

I master many diverse styles of music (Classical, Rock, Jazz, Contemporary, Steel Pan, Tabla, Latin-American, and African drumming) and is able to teach many different percussion instruments (Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Bells, Multiple Percussion, Snare Drum, Drum-Set, Timpani). I also offer lessons in Mandarin. 


Since every student is different flexible rates and scheduling are available. Choose the lesson length that is best for you: 30-minute, 45-minute, 1-hour, or 1.5-hours. Though once-a-week lesson is recommended, a different schedule can be arranged, if desired. 

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